by Hollow-Eyed

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released January 1, 2013

Mixed by Carl Kranz

Album art: Ryan Treppedi
H/E font: Rachael Incorvaia

Hollow-Eyed is:

Ryan Treppedi
Dan Nagano-Gerace
Nicholas Jorgensen
Nicholas Sudol



all rights reserved
Track Name: Old Diver
My captain, my captain, when will you fall?
My hands are so worn from this long haul
Kept behind closed doors, your secrets of loss
Lest the crew find out you are oh so fallible

My captain, my captain, your beard grows so thick
Tangled and salted with the lies you were so quick
To tell, instill hope, whatever the cost
Please don't tell the crew we've steered astray and are lost

With a hole in the ship will you sink or will you swim?
Track Name: Woolgathering
Roadkill cousin I'm sorry to say we never could find a home for you
The hunter's daughter got here first, and quietly made off with the hearse
Although we would never break you, we could never let you in

Our coffins hold crows; rooted, blind and cold
It grows like stone, it spreads like mold

Suffice to say we never could find a home

I don't know what you take
Your medicine, never secretes a soul
Find me a hole

I don't know what you want
The venison that's taken from the foal
Find me a hole
Track Name: Angeldust
I'll give Picasso's heart in angel dust
Van Goh's ear, cloaked in rust
Russian dolls layered, paired
It's time to meet your only heir
Stacks of gold, copper, coal
To prematurely dig this hole
The way is lost, bought and sold
Let's writhe and dance and sink and fold

Another halo
Another knife
To spite the weasel
So stop this strife