by Hollow-Eyed

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Hollow-Eyed is:
Ryan Treppedi
Dan Nagano-Gerace
Nicholas Sudol
Nicholas Jorgensen


released November 24, 2011

Art by Katie Sutton



all rights reserved
Track Name: Minuet
The ghosts in the forest are biding there time
Waiting for a companion to drink their wine
The saps of the trees are sweet

The deer plays the victim still protecting her faun
The owls and wolves
They dance

But if the wind whispers and calls out your name
You're compelled to follow and play in their game
The leaves, trees and limbs, they dance and they howl

For they are all ghosts of the woods
Track Name: Wolf
Little girl please don't cry
I heard you saw the witches nearby
They asked you not to go in the woods,
Lest the hungry wolf eat you
Are you up to no good?

The problems that you hid deep in the woods
They're still there
As the fire clears the way, the smoke dims your wits
Kill the wolf
Track Name: Heist!
There's rumors going around that there's a price upon my head
These rumors have inspired me I'll just push ahead
We're moving on to the next town, they ain't seen nothing yet
We're gonna rob 'em blind and I wont stop until I'm gunned down

You grab the car, I'll get the guns
With bags in hand, we'll sack the gold
It's not the money I want, it's the chaos I love
Mama aren't you proud?

We'll leave a trail of clues just to up the stakes
Secretly hoping that one day your plans will break
These plans that we built could collapse at any moment
But I would gladly set it on fire, go down in flames
Track Name: Pyre
I need someone, someone to talk to, to get this off my mind
The fields are crying, give them water, absolve their petty crimes

I will sink and I will drown
So lift me up with your sweet sound
If I should wilt and fade away
I know that you wont have to pay
It's not my home
Track Name: Snow
Fox hunts quietly in the snow
Little does his prey know
What lies, what lies, in the snow

Mother holds swaddled child
Baby she did not want to bear
Swaddled child grows pale
Mother cries out in despair
Does she know, what lies, in the snow?

Hunting bear goes to sleep
After scavenging the river deep
Bear is strong, sleeps until spring
Does he know what it will bring
Does he know, what lies, in the snow?