by Hollow-Eyed

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released July 7, 2013

All tracks mixed by Nicholas Maratta except "Sleep" which was mixed by Nicholas Maratta and Michael Benus

Album artwork by Ryan Treppedi



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sleep
Put those tired eyes away
The sands have come to extinguish the flame

You should have known

Those sleep stained eyes, they stick to your head
To relinquish the pain, you lay down in bed

You should have known
So put those eyes away

As you lay down to bed, a weight lifts from your chest
Thoughts kept well hid now flourish in dreams

You should have known
So put those eyes away
Track Name: Black Spindles
And if a fellow traveler does speak aloud,
the voice is thin,
like voices of the sick and soon to pass;
and though, in deepest rest he seems,
yet, else, imprecise.
For in his ears
wondrous melodies
does his heartbeat make.